Artist Statement

    Exploring the impermanent nature of life and the fleeting passage of time is one of Cecilie’s main focuses in her work. How she and others spend their time on earth and the memories they hold on to has fascinated her since a young age. Just as the “grass withers and the flowers fade”, so do our lives. How she and  people spend the few moments they have intrigues her. Her deep connection to nature is shown throughout her work as representation of time and what is meaningful to her. She frequently looks through the lens of memory, while attempting to capture the sense of nostalgia ,that is her reminder that the past and even that present moment will soon be placed in the past, gone forever. 

    Her practice has been informed and inspired by artists such as Neo Rauch, Mamma Andersson, Pierre Bonnard, and Roy Lichtenstein. As well as Immanuel Kant’s views and ideas regarding the sublime and scripture from the Bible. 

    Her acute awareness that life is “but a vapor” continues to be her focus.



    Cecilie was born in Los Angeles, California and moved around much of northern California growing up. Her work is influenced by her transitions between spaces and time as well as the terrain of changing landscapes. 

    While obtaining her MA from California State University of Fresno, she taught classes at the University. 

    She then moved back to Los Angeles and received her MFA in 2019 from Otis College of Art and Design. 

    Cecilie currently has a career in travel where she gleans inspiration from different cities, cultures, and people.